Marit de Sonnaville

Marit de Sonnaville

Main focuses: stress, sadness, sleeping problems, relationships, self-image and resilience

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Marit is the OpenUp psychiatrist. She is there to support the psychologists, helping them with diagnostics and identifying suitable follow-up treatments. She also advises them on medication. However, medication is not her preferred approach - she believes that most issues are a symptom of an underlying problem.

Marit studied medicine as well as being trained in sports. She is also a group therapist and dating coach and she is training to qualify as a psychotherapist. Her diverse background gives her a broad overview -  both physical and mental health, relationships, self-image and resilience are all covered in her consultations. She also knows a lot about mood-swings, sleeping problems and making (overly) high demands of yourself. Marit speaks Dutch and English.

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