Jet de Veij Mestdagh

Jet de Veij Mestdagh

Main focuses: anxiety, pressure overload, sadness, identity, self-image, relationships

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Jet is a Healthcare Psychologist at OpenUp. She is a firm believer in the powers of human resilience. As a psychologist, she prides herself on always being sincere and open. This ensures that you will feel at ease with her right from the start and you will feel comfortable opening up to her. You will explore the source of your questions or issues together with Jet: what and who has formed you into the person you are, what your strengths and vulnerabilities are and - most importantly - how your daily life and relationships can be adapted. Jet will coach you, helping you to (re)gain trust and tranquility and will help you to take new, positive steps in the right direction. She takes inspiration from systemic therapist Esther Perel and  author/scientist BrenĂ© Brown, amongst others.

Jet studied Clinical Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and specialised as a Healthcare Psychologist. Jet speaks Dutch as well as English.

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