Fleur van der Maaten

Fleur van der Maaten

Focus area's: fear, self-image, phase of life, stress, worry, choices, gloominess, career

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Fleur is a psychologist at OpenUp. In her conversations she opts for a calm, honest and clear approach. She offers a listening ear without judgment and knows when and how to question assumptions. Together with Fleur you will investigate what your obstacles are, and explore how to turn them round and use them in your favour. Often small adjustments can have big results. Fleur believes every person has strength and resilience in them, even if one needs to dig a little to find it.

Fleur obtained her master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Master's in Training & Development at the University of Amsterdam. She has been working as an independent (media) psychologist, trainer and coach for 10 years and has broad experience in conducting various conversations.

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