OpenUp Programmes

With OpenUp you learn the necessary skills to deal with everyday challenges. We have translated knowledge from psychological science comprehensibly and manageably into different programmes. By practicing under the online guidance of our psychologists, the skills become new habits.

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How it works


Learn at your own pace

Every programme contains 3 to 8 cards. Reading a card takes at most 5 minutes. We also ask you questions to raise your awareness of your situation.


Put new knowledge into practice.

Every card ends with exercises to help you put your new knowledge into daily practice. Only then can psychological skills become new habits.


Receive online coaching

Do you prefer going through change alone or with people you trust? Our practitioners are available to coach you.

Our programmes


How to sleep better

Sleeping well is something everybody wants to achieve, but how should you go about it?

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Dealing with daily stress

Learn how to find a healthy stress level, rather than eliminating stress.

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Believe in Yourself

You are not alone - we all feel insecure from time to time.

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Handling Emotions

What are emotions and how can we regulate them?

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Living a healthier lifestyle

We all want it, but how do we manage it?

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Work-life balance

Restore and maintain your work-life balance

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Coping with Corona

Learn how to cope with the impact Corona has on our mental health.

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Your Career in the Spotlight

Let's talk about your Career

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Living the life you want

Live a more fulfilling life by learning how to live by your values.

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Learning to think differently

Worry less by learning how to control your spiralling thoughts.

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The Coronavirus and Family Life

Enjoy more good times and minimize those difficult moments.

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Coping with Corona for healthcare professionals

How to best deal with this hectic and intangible situation

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How to OpenUp

Why sharing your emotion is important...

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OpenUp maakt kennis uit de psychologische wetenschap begrijpelijk en behapbaar voor iedereen.

At OpenUp you can talk directly to a psychologist online. When and as often as you like.
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